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  Stronger links for businesses and collegues on the web. A mutually beneficial scheme to assist us all. Stronger Links make us all strong.

Here are our business friends and collegues who are part of this scheme;
  Arts-inc. Art Gallery and studio. Stunning creations for home and business.

Graphics and Website Designer Designer with 12 years experience.

Little Angles Nanny Agency Babysitting for Hotel Guests, Weddings, Parties, or Dinner.

Endless Blue Catamaran Yacht Charter Bareboat and Crewed Catamaran Yacht Charter – Endless Blue provides a full range of services for your Greek Island holiday travel

The UK Hotel Guide: Finda-Hotel A guide to thousands of UK hotels and B&B's

Bike stay Bike Stay: Our Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation Directory. MyTravelGuide Our Friendly Accommodation Directory.

Space for you here:
Artist and Photographer Visual Media, Video, Still, Art and Music: 01993 834976

Graphics and Website Designer Designer of 12 years experience: Rod Cleasby: 077 75 75 0861

3d animation for the web Better that you'd dare hope for...

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Why Join:

Note: This page is in simple HTML to allow the search engines to read it as easily as possible.

By joining this special scheme, you will be benefiting your web site and business. Your position on Google and Yahoo etc depends on many things, most are outside of your control, and more so if, like me, you are a small to medium company. This scheme has rules, if it is to work, follow them and we will all benefit. Ignore them and you will drop the batten for your web site and lose an opportunity for everyone else. Your inclusion on this list will benifit all participants.

STRONGER LINKS will help us do this.

The web is now the first place you will be seen by potential new customers. First impressions count, but so does your position when customers search the web.
Why will this help? Because the more we use this page, back linking to each other, the higher up the ranking we will all get.

Together we stand, divided we fall.

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You need to submit your website's URL to as well as your contact details and email. This can be copied from your browser in the format: or whatever it is.

Your link will be added to our database and an email sent to you containing an HTML webpage. The whole of this page must be uploaded to your website with a link to it, directly off your main (index) home page. Its this circle from us to you and back again that makes us strong. If you dont know how, hand it over to your web master.

When the search engines scan your site, it needs to be in the top level structure of your website.

A back link to must be added (anywhere) to your main home page. Note: DO NOT make the text the same color as the background colour (or close to it) as this will break spamming rules and will damage your listing.

An updated page will be sent to you when significant members join the scheme. Please update your STRONGER LINKSpage as soon as possible. You can recommend friends to join as this will help them and you.

Anyone may apply, but certain sites may be rejected on the basis of; CONTENT or STYLE or INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES or POOR TASTE or MY WHIM. I may not be the best arbiter of good taste, but I won't accept a site that is dubious, in poor taste, or otherwise suspect. OK?

Anyone who I believe is breaking the rules, mashing the scheme, or ignoring updates may be removed from the scheme at my discression. I promise to be fair and reasonable, bb the end of the day, its my call. Rod Cleasby

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Send your joining request to:

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